Industrial IoT

Zero Deployment Time

Peak’s device based I/O means that deployment time is virtually eliminated. All standard devices have been pre-qualified to connect directly to Peak with little to no configuration required.

Plug and Play Interface

Unlike traditional RTU/PLC products, Peaks I/O is organized into 4 “plug and play” ports. Each port is comprised of digital, analog and serial IO. All ports are equally configurable so any supported peak device can be plugged into any port.

Analog, serial, digital

Sleek, Ultra-Efficient Design

While function is the most important design criteria for industrial products, the aesthetic of a device should complement its primary objective. The minimalist design of Summit is a nod to its efficiency. Its solid aluminum chassis complements its power.

Your audio where you want it, real time!

With Peaks unique ability to stream stereo audio you can send and receive audio from a site. Interface one of Peak’s digital outputs with a PTT input on a radio and instantly create a simple voice annunciator to deliver a pre-recorded broadcast. Take the output of your radio into the audio input of Peak and listen to radio traffic from anywhere in the world.

Is your data mobile?

Peak has an on-board GPS receiver accurate to with 2m (6ft) allowing for pinpoint updates as to the location of critical assets. Due to Peak’s compact form factor it can easily be deployed in the cab of a vehicle for AVL tracking applications.

Unlimited Configurations

Because of Peaks simple to configure, port based, interface there are virtually an unlimited number of combinations of devices that can be connected. To simplify things even further all of our pre-qualified devices are grouped into one of five easy categories making deployment a snap!

Access, Power,RF,Environment, Site Control

Engineered for the Back Country

Because the optimal location for critical equipment is often not the optimal location for support services, power, backhaul, etc. Summit has been engineered to consume the absolute minimal amount of resources while delivering its full complement of features. Consuming at maximum only 290 mA Summit is on average 4-5 times more efficient when compared to the competition.

Enclosure Options

Peak is deployable in a range of physical formats. The standard DIN Rail configuration occupies just 4”of linear space making it incredibly compact. In outdoor or uncontrolled environments a NEMA4 rated enclosure is available to ensure reliable function even in the most harsh conditions.

Powered by Crest OS

Powering every Summit is TASC Systems industrial IoT operating system, Crest. Developed from the ground up by TASC Systems, Crest is a mission critical Linux derived operational platform with enhanced security features that provides Summit its ability to interact with various IoT platforms and protocols.

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as the Industrial Internet, brings together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people at work. It’s the network of a multitude of devices connected by communications technologies that result in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and deliver valuable new insights like never before. These insights can then help drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies.