Case Study

Barrick Energy, an oil and gas production company uses TASC Systems’ solutions to monitor oil well heads. TASC Systems’ siteCOMMANDER Fleetsync™ monitors submersible and surface pumps at the well head for equipment alarms. All information is consolidated at a central monitoring location running siteVIEW Enterprise 2.0 where a dispatcher can determine the course of action for any variations.


TASC Systems Safeguards Critical Radio Frequency(RF) Networks

For energy infrastructure deployed over a wide geographic network, TASC Systems provides a broad-range of monitoring and control options. Platforms and sensor options are available for the harshest environments to the most remote regions, allowing our partners a complete monitoring solution.

Utilities deploy TASC Systems’ solutions to monitor and control a wide-range of process parameters, from watching system levels (e.g., tank levels) and discrete set points. Receive alarm notifications on threshold variations and make automated or manual control adjustments.

With intrinsic remote monitoring capabilities, the TASC Systems’ product portfolio is ideal for smart grid, windmills and renewable energy projects. See exactly how much power is produced/consumed at each site in real-time and then, through our client-server architecture, get an integrated understanding of your overall system’s performance.