Businesses are facing new and unique challenges each and every day. With so much pressure to stay successful the need for optimization has become more critical than ever. TASC Systems enables not only a watchful eye into the current state of critical infrastructure and equipment but allows those responsible to fully manage their systems. TASC Systems has created a range of hardware and software products that through data acquisition, intelligent eventing and notifications, historical trending and predictive analysis enable both managers and skilled trades people the insight they require to make completely informed decisions.

Most facilities today, with multi-tenant arrangements, struggle to manage power consumption. Some implement expensive custom solutions for recording each tenant’s energy usage, others install conventional power meters and send someone to record the usage each month, but perhaps more common the utility bill is just split between all users equally. This can create tension as energy users with lower consumption are overcharged and higher consumption users receive a discount. With TASC Systems hardware and software affordable energy meters can be deployed at site and accessed remotely through a simple intuitive web interface, Apex. By using some of Apex’s advanced plug-in feature integrations tenants can be given their own access to view their own power consumption or invoices can be generated and sent directly to clients each billing cycle.

Let TASC Systems unique solutions help you manage your infrastructure, improve tenant satisfaction, optimize resources, and improve your quality of service.