Apex AMS
Asset Management

TASC’s Asset Management System (AMS) software platform, designed for communication network operators, allows management of physical assets, some of which may be shared between multiple users.

Maximize Asset Utilization

Apex AMS allows users to get the most out of their assets. Using some method of tagging (conventional or 2d bar code, rfid tag, user id and pin, etc.) objects can be quickly added, assigned, returned, or removed from the database.

Handset Sharing & Registration

Apex AMS can enable ‘hot-desking’ for handheld radios. Using over the air programming (OTAP) and an API connection to a base station radio, users can be dynamically registered and deregistered to the network. In a shift work situation, for example in a mill or mine, this can translate to a direct 50%-60% reduction in capitol radio equipment required to outfit personal.

Deploy on your terms

Apex is the most flexible system management package available. Deployable in a conventionally as an On-Premise server application, As a Hosted Application (SaaS Model), or as a Hybrid High Availability Solution.

Complete Control

Apex gives the user complete control over their system. Using industry standard protocols Apex provides the only aggregated element interface regardless of equipment manufacture.


Direct Equipment Interface

Apex is proud to host the largest number of direct monitoring and control interfaces for 3rd party products.

Dynamic System Configuration

AMS allows for dynamic changes of various parameters of a radio network. Items like radio settings, talk groups, channel usage, and more can be all configured dynamically. For example as a mobile user moves from one geographical area to another their radios talk groups could be updated dynamically to ensure connectivity at all times.