Need for most DAS technologies

With increased use of wireless technology, the need for monitoring systems has become more important than ever. Most Distributed Antenna System (DAS) technologies today are not being monitored for quality and/or availability. If an issue arises, service providers usually find out when a customer complains about intermittent or lost communication connections. Monitoring and managing DAS technologies ensures that your network consistently performs at an optimal level. The Apex DAS solution enables service providers to remotely monitor the infrastructure, to obtain critical information. With the Apex DAS comprehensive monitoring solution, problems can be resolved before they arise. This results in reduced operating costs for site visits and repairs, improving network quality and availability, and maintaining customer loyalty.

The Apex DAS solution provides custom support for DAS network equipment, including (but not limited to): Andrew, CommScope, TE, Deltanode, Mobile Access, BTI, SOLiD and ADRF. The Apex DAS solution also provides critical information on support systems to provide a complete view of the health of all the components that comprise the system. Other system elements that can be monitored by the Apex DAS solutions include (but not limited to):

  • Repeaters
  • DAS Trays
  • Network equipment
  • Generators
  • Climate Control
  • Power Plants
  • Battery Backup
  • Security

Other Apex DAS solution features include:

  • Highly Customized Network Monitoring for DAS Networks
  • Customized performance thresholds
  • Coordination with carrier NOCs Network Management Systems and field support
  • Built-in Technician notifications
  • Interfaces into other common enterprise systems and commercial ticketing tools

The Apex DAS solution will ensure that your DAS system and its devices, are performing the way they should and alert you when they are not.