Codan Radio Communications partners with TASC Systems to sell integrated Remote Site Monitoring solutions

Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), is collaborating with TASC to promote an effective remote site monitoring solution for Codan radio networks.

With access to remote sites often difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, Codan Radio Communications has created a solution to provide a remote site monitoring kit that includes all of the required equipment for most monitoring applications.

According to Dale Reitsma of Codan Radio Communications, “The Codan/TASC collaboration will save customers time, money, and resources by sending alert notifications when radios aren’t working properly.”

The remote site monitoring (RSM) will allow customers to remotely control and monitor their Codan radio networks, allowing the customers to know not just when a failure occurs, but also when a failure is imminent so that the radio system can be kept operational when critical communications are required.  Integrating RSM into the Codan equipment allows our customers to use their limited time and resources more efficiently in maintaining their radio network.


About Codan Radio Communications

Codan Radio provides communications solutions that enable our customers to save lives, create security and support peacekeeping worldwide. Trusted by the world’s largest mission critical, security, military and humanitarian agencies, we’ve built our reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction over 60 years in High Frequency and Land Mobile Radio communications, in some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

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