Kenwood NEXEDGE® Repeater Control

Kenwood trunk radios have an IP link to each of the trunked sites for wide area roaming and calling capabilities, as a network option. When a repeater site experiences poor IP connectivity, the group of radios that are registered on it can become stranded and may be unable to talk to the rest of the trunking system. They may remain registered on the site with poor connectivity, even though there are other sites available that they could register on until the connectivity is re-established or the repeater is shut down to allow them to register on another site. Shutting down the repeater can be done manually by pushing a button or automatically by using TASC Systems new intelligent remote terminal unit (RTU), Summit.

Summit is an advanced remote platform designed to easily integrate to a wide-variety of operation management systems including Apex. It provides intelligent sensor processing, filtering, logic control and logging. The Summit provides support for a broad range of sensors and devices with 100 digital and analog input/output ports. Summit has been designed for easy deployment.

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